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ABS267 Toyota Sienta ABS Door Panel (MDLS)

Car Model Toyota Sienta
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Price for 1SET

Material Information
Code Starting:B/M /LL
Fiber Glass:Light in weight,thin,hard but easy crack,cheap in price
(ringan,nipis,keras & senang pecah,tapi harga murah)

Code Starting:PU/PUM /LLPU
PU (Polyurethane):Heavy in weight,thick,flexible & able to absorb medium impact,harsh mold mark surface
(berat,tebal,lembut sikit & boleh tahan langgar tapi kemukaan barang kasar)

Replacement/Original Plastic Body Part PP/Code Starting:ABS
PP(Polypropylene)/ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene = Plastic):Original/OEM material,best fit,smooth surface,light in weight,slight flexible for light impact.
(Bahan tulen,fitting rapat,kemukaan barang licin,ringan,lembut & boleh tahan langgar ringan)

Terms & Conditions
Product Quality
1 Bodykit has to be PRE-ORDER and is brand NEW UNPAINT & full of mould marks, NOT final touch up
2 Bodykits have to resent to bodyshop for grinding and re-polishing before painting applies
3 Please make sure the replacement parts fit your vehicle, professional installation is recommended as installation guide/manual is NOT INCLUDED
4 Buyer is advice to purchase & complaint about the quality if buyer does not understand or any knowledge regarding body kits but expecting to get a flawlessness bodykit to plug and play/DIY with this price.
5 Bodykits will look smooth, nice, and brand new after re-polished and paint spray applied
6 Buyer should read and understand all the bodykit comes in a rough & harsh surface in the market especially PU & Fiber Material before placing the order

Product(s) Shipping
1 Product is Local Manufactured,takes ~2-10 working days for the process of production & ship out from our store
2 NOT recommended for Buyer who is in a hurry.
3 Please consider 0-2 working days packing;2-10 working days for Courier Company to reach customer in West Malaysia;7-21 days for Courier Company to reach customer in East Malaysia

1 Buyer should contact Seller for paints arrangement as painting price is EXCLUDED
2 Buyer should understands & agrees, providing color code will has different in color tone
3 Buyer is encouraged to send us their towing cover/paint sample of the car, so we can have a better color tone painting of the product(s)
4 Buyer should understand, without paint sample of the car the color tone will has different even color code is provided.
5 Buyer should be aware the risk of posting a painted product(s) could cause damaged or scratches
6 Any loss or damages such as scratches/damaged during the transported period is out of Seller control
7 Seller shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from the courier company or any delay in shipment/delivery of any damaged on the painted product(s)
8 Be patience, painting process takes ~ 5-10 working days depends on the daily order volume
Please Read and Agree on Our T&C before placing an order.Thank you.